Focused Outsourcing

Breakdown your business processes into pieces first to choose what to outsource

And re-engineer your own original Focused Outsourcing platform. We Consult with you, and find Best solution for you

Utilizing well known technique into your original IT way:
Utilizing Gantt-chart like business process monitoring tool as your platform, you now breakdown your business process vertically into pieces, so that each of your qualified agent can focus on jobs and tasks that you later put together in your own original Focused Outsourcing platform.

Avoid expensive total package BPO
BPO (Business process outsourcing) usually comes with total package because hiring and keeping skilled employees for the BPO managers cost a lot, and they need to price "value-add" services with unnecessary or slack capacities. Breakdown your intellectual business processes into pieces first, to build your own supervising and managerial solution tools, especially when your own local language and local regulation requires you to prepare certain things in repetitive processes.

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