Dedicated Monitoring/Support

Once we developed/implemented your platform or software, we provide 24/7 support. Our consulting includes server location and server setting advice. When we provide server management and support, and our personnel monitors and attends the system and servers literally around clock. Why do we do that? you already know the reasons; identity the signs early and identify the issues for countermeasures. We will communicate well with you.

Provide solutions and keep consulting

You as our customer/partner e-commerce merchant will focus on what you do best. And, we provide the "third party eye" to assess and protect your business from operational and structural issues, and provide solutions from industries you might not have imagined. Defining system is what we do as project managers, And yet, have we changed the way you behave for the better? We keep consulting because your "system" is the way you think and behave, and can be institutionalized already in your mind and behavior.